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New Team Member

There has been a lot happening in the DeadLegz camp recently. We have entered a new phase of energy and a shakeup of our team structure. Peter has now started physio sessions, and whilst he is still currently unable to walk or weight bear on his right leg, he remains in relatively good spirits (all things considering) and looks forward to getting back on his feet. He's determined to try and push his way through this hurdle, no matter how much work it might take; after all, rowing an ocean is no walk in the park (not that he can do that currently either). Due to commitments to his young family, Max has had to switch from crew to a role that gives him more time to spend with his family Max is now in charge of keeping us motived and ensuring that we are being active and keeping on target for our achievements. In his place may we introduce you to Kevin. Kev is... Well, perhaps Kev can say what he is better than us.

Hi guys. I’m Kev, married for 28 years to Deb and 2 grown up kids (Robbie and Kelly). I live in Beoley, Worcestershire and I’m a solicitor, specialising in Property Law. I’m a life long Villa fan, and I’m also vice-chair of Beoley Parish Council. I’m also a Director of Glastonbeoley Community Interest Company and have, for the last 5 years, been one of the organisers of the Glastonbeoley Music Festival raising funds for charity. It’s the charitable aspect that attracts me to joining DeadLegz, too - as well as the physical and mental challenges it will bring. I’m nearly 52 and want to prove to myself that I can do this. I’m also excited about the experience, and the memories it will create for us as a team together. I’m so happy to be on board!

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