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Join us as a part of the DeadLegz extended family by donating to DeadLegz. Your money will help get us to the start line of this incredible challenge. 

See how associating your name with us and your boat will help promote your business. Visit our Media page

Where will my money go?

Your money will initially go to DeadLegz to help them get to the start line of the Atlantic Challenge. Once the challenge has been completed, all surplus money will be put aside for the Frank Bruno Foundation. 

DeadLegz, when we have recovered from our challenge, will sell all the remaining serviceable equipment where applicable to recoup all possible funds. 

This money will be added to the surplus money mentioned above and a lump sum will be sent to all the charities we support for this challenge.


DeadLegz and any of its members will not be receiving any profit from your donation or sponsorship.


Grab Your Sponsor Pack

We have crafted a Sponsor Pack to suit your branding needs; as well as a detailed media pack provided by Atlantic Challenges themselves. Please download these packs by clicking the button below


What Do We Need?

The list of equipment we need is a mighty thing to behold. While there are the obvious items we need, like sun cream and sunhats, there are other less obvious pieces of equipment like Emergency Flares and spare batteries. 


Donate to DeadLegz

For individuals that want to sponsor us, please use the link below to be taken to our GoFundMe page.

Boat Branding

The rowing boat is the ultimate blank canvass. A billboard shown to millions around the world. Buy up one sponsor slot or combine slots to maximize your brand.

To obtain one of the Sponsorship packages, please contact one of the team at and we will get back to you ASAP.


Let's Work Together

Getting to the start line is the hardest challenge. Any help you could give us will be amazing. Please donate anything you can whether it be equipment or money. 


~Team DeadLegz

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